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Metropolitan Logistics, LLC specializes in the advanced logistics-technology of a third-party logistics (3PL) provider with the personalized attention and customized service of a smaller company. Metropolitan Logistics, LLC  has mastered the logistics, delivery, installation, and networking aspects of all connectable hardware, especially MFD model copiers.

Comparatively, Metropolitan Logistics, LLC experiences disproportionately fewer incidents of damages, faster delivery & fulfillment times, and seamless contractor access to secure federal facilities. Also, customers benefited from Metro’s ability to offer professional networking and connectivity services. This particular skillset separated Metro from traditional freight and hauling companies, filling a distinct void in the market.

Not intimidated by high-volume jobs, Metro has been hugely successful with large delivery and installation projects – even when challenged with a workload of 500 copier exchanges within a 35-day deadline. Metro laid hands on all 1,000 units on the project for Fairfax County Government. The deadline was met, and each new copier was fully connected and networked before leaving the units in the hands of the customer.


Metropolitan Logistics, LLC  handlers possess a unique skill set to provide tireless physical labor, and the talent to install & connect the equipment to the Local Area Network (LAN) and configure the equipment to its full functionality. Those skills and talents have proven to be Metro’s strongest differentiator among industry competitors. Our company’s culture has created a work environment that leads to loyalty, high retention, and minimal turnover among employees.